Vetting & Barring: Implications for Private Tutors

Many of you are probably mightily confused about what the new Vetting & Barring Scheme (VBS) means to private tutoring.

Beanbaglearning have been able to clarify the position, and hope that this article can explain its impact to tutors.

The VBS was set up in response to the murders of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, and the findings of the subsequent Bichard Inquiry. As parents ourselves, we believe that anything that helps improve the safety of children is a good thing and welcome the Scheme.

Working with children and vulnerable adults is becoming a regulated activity, and adults undertaking this will need to be registered with the Independent Safeguarding Authority. The ISA will check personal records against central databases, and ensure that unsuitable people are not registered. Once registered, records will be continuously maintained for people, and registration will be revoked if they commit certain key offenses.

Many tutors will find that they will become ISA registered as part and parcel of their job, particularly if they are employed as Teachers or undertake tutoring at University.

Tutors who would not ordinarily have ISA registration will need to apply for this. We are told that this will take the Independent Barring Board seven days to complete. Individual registration will commence on 26th July 2010, and is expected to cost £28 per person.

CRB checking will continue, and will provide parents with more information on the type of criminal records held in your name. These are only ever produced at a point in time, and will become out of date quickly. The ISA check is a much deeper check than the CRB, but will not provide details of offenses in the same way as a CRB check.

To be clear, tutors using the services of Beanbag will be responsible for providing their ISA registration details direct to parents, who will be able to check it direct against the central database. Beanbag has no responsibility to maintain this information and will not provide it to parents.

The Government is undertaking a review of Vetting & Barring, and some details may change. Beanbaglearning will keep you posted.

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