The Joy Of ….. Team Sport

I must admit that my sporting glory days, such as they were, are long behind me. Almost nothing gives me more pleasure these days in watching my sons playing junior rugby – a sport I was notably poor at.

Chew Valley RFC U12's

Chew Valley RFC U12's

Watching from the sidelines, has helped me understand what team sports mean to the development of children. Winning, losing, scoring a try it’s all the same – it’s about learning to work closely with other people – a true life skill.

From my perspective, it’s about being there to congratulate and commiserate. It’s about watching them and encouraging them. It’s also been about spending all day at the Hospital with a son’s broken arm – so it’s not all glamour.

As a proud father, I know that my days being there for them are numbered. Soon enough, I will be the last person they will want to see…. In the meantime I will make the most of it, and enjoy the bacon sandwiches at the sidelines.

By the way, to my sons I say ‘I am proud of you’ and ‘well done’. You could have chosen tiddly-winks, but if you had I would have still been there for you as well….

Beanbag Article in Bristol 24-7

As promised yesterday, Bristol 24-7 published a news story about tutoring in Bristol and the success of our beanbag website.

In a well researched article, Chris Brown took time to research the market statistics – the Sutton Trust research is extensive and current.

Not so sure that I agree with the Headmaster of Bristol Grammar that it’s an indictment of the State education system that parents are willing to pay for private tuition. It’s parents doing the best they can for their children pure and simple, and he overlooks the fact that many private school students are privately tutored too.

Nevertheless, no publicity is bad publicity and we thank Chris for his article.

Tutorhub: a new Q&A website for tutors

The new website is called Tutorhub and is a place where tutors, old and new, can post and answer questions, with the aim of resolving their issues and problems. The website has been going a couple of weeks, and questions about CRB checking and ISA registration have already been posted. A quick visit will show the latest questions and answers.

Tutorhub Screenshot

New tutors are telling us that they would like to understand more about how they go about setting up in business and attract students. Existing tutors can help them, as well as having issues of their own. This website is designed to let tutors benefit from the ‘wisdom of the crowd’. We are firm believers in the power of collaboration, and are offering this service as it aligns with our aim to increase the supply of tutors across the UK.

Like Beanbag we are making this website free of charge to use. It is not a place for tutors to advertise their services, as this can be done via Beanbag and a variety of other tutoring websites. This is a place where tutors can go to give and receive assistance and support.
We hope that tutors find it useful. If you have any suggestions on how to improve Tutorhub, please contact me!