Tutorhub: a new Q&A website for tutors

The new website is called Tutorhub and is a place where tutors, old and new, can post and answer questions, with the aim of resolving their issues and problems. The website has been going a couple of weeks, and questions about CRB checking and ISA registration have already been posted. A quick visit will show the latest questions and answers.

Tutorhub Screenshot

New tutors are telling us that they would like to understand more about how they go about setting up in business and attract students. Existing tutors can help them, as well as having issues of their own. This website is designed to let tutors benefit from the ‘wisdom of the crowd’. We are firm believers in the power of collaboration, and are offering this service as it aligns with our aim to increase the supply of tutors across the UK.

Like Beanbag we are making this website free of charge to use. It is not a place for tutors to advertise their services, as this can be done via Beanbag and a variety of other tutoring websites. This is a place where tutors can go to give and receive assistance and support.
We hope that tutors find it useful. If you have any suggestions on how to improve Tutorhub, please contact me!

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