The Joy Of ….. Team Sport

I must admit that my sporting glory days, such as they were, are long behind me. Almost nothing gives me more pleasure these days in watching my sons playing junior rugby – a sport I was notably poor at.

Chew Valley RFC U12's

Chew Valley RFC U12's

Watching from the sidelines, has helped me understand what team sports mean to the development of children. Winning, losing, scoring a try it’s all the same – it’s about learning to work closely with other people – a true life skill.

From my perspective, it’s about being there to congratulate and commiserate. It’s about watching them and encouraging them. It’s also been about spending all day at the Hospital with a son’s broken arm – so it’s not all glamour.

As a proud father, I know that my days being there for them are numbered. Soon enough, I will be the last person they will want to see…. In the meantime I will make the most of it, and enjoy the bacon sandwiches at the sidelines.

By the way, to my sons I say ‘I am proud of you’ and ‘well done’. You could have chosen tiddly-winks, but if you had I would have still been there for you as well….

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