Panorama look at child safety and the ISA

Some of you may have seen the thought provoking BBC Panorama programme last night entitled ‘are you a danger to kids’.

With more than nine million people potentially effected by the vetting and barring scheme, it is something that will touch many people’s lives. Certainly those who come into regular contact (more than once a week) with children and vulnerable adults will be expected to obtain ISA registration. I explained the impact on tutors in a previous blog post.
Inevitably the programme touched upon issues around how the ISA will evaluate people – they will be expected to cover not only criminal records but allegations, complaints, tip-offs and suspicions (whether proven or not). An interview with John Pinnington highlighted the distress that unproven allegations can have on an individual, their family and their career.
We will be very much in the hands of the ISA’s two hundred strong team of case workers to make the right decisions. We will also be expecting them to safeguard potentially damaging personal data – no computers to be left on trains, please.
So what’s our view at Beanbag? Well as parents we welcome anything that reduces the risk that those with evil intentions ever get access to our children. As individuals, we are equally concerned about the human rights issues posed.
The debate will run and run, and I am sure that I will be writing about this again.

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