Micro-tutoring: Chewing the fat

“Micro-tutoring? Whassat then?”

Good question.

Some debate in the office today over how to pigeonhole a brand new concept. Born out of our frustration with the shortcomings of private tuition, micro-tutoring takes a deliberate step to the side and a huge stride forward, leaving traditional forms of tutoring lagging in its wake. Why? because there’s so much wrong with the system as it stands.

Up until now, parents have had scant few choices when it comes to getting their children the extra help they need; they can employ a private tutor, they could try an online tutoring service or they could ship their kids out to the library and spend hours trawling through websites looking for the answers they need.

These things don’t come cheap; private tutoring and online sessions are usually planned out in hour-long blocks over several months to make it worthwhile for both tutor and pupil. That’s the monetary cost, but consider the amount of time and energy invested into making those sessions possible. Parents have to find the tutor, work out if they’re up to the job and be prepared to welcome them into the family home each week. The whole process can prove a real drain.

Micro-tutoring cuts out all the hassle. It delivers tasty morsels of expert advice to hungry brains at the teachable moment in real time, online. It’s a please-all solution; students just get the help they need without the unwanted extras, tutors are opened up to a vast new market and parents save time and money.

Add to this the convenience of the whole thing being played out over the internet and everyone goes home happy. Or is it stays home happy?

Consider this – we’re all familiar with the philosophy behind micro-breweries and farmers markets, right? No? Well, micro-breweries sprang up in the 1970′s in good old Blighty as a backlash to mass-marketed large-scale commercial brewing, offering quality and diversity over mass-production and standardisation. Hurrah!

Likeswise, farmers markets were set up to cut out out the middleman, supplying fresh local produce at its most flavoursome – juicy titbits delivered direct to the people that needed them, as they needed them.

It’s the progressive attitude and flexible approach of micro-industries that we have taken and applied to tutoring. Thus, when you choose micro-tutoring, you’re not making a long-term commitment to a private tutor, you’re not paying a monthly fee for regimented learning. You’re choosing convenience. You’re choosing instancy. You’re choosing digestible, targeted help.

Since the tutoring is delivered in fun-size portions, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be paid for as such. Micro-tutoring works on a pay-as-you-go basis, not in hour long blocks or monthly subscriptions: it works by the minute.

Micro-tutoring takes a huge bite out of the billion hour problem.

Micro-tutoring, yum.

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