Mike Baker’s Cancer Blog

Since entering the world of education, I have been following a small number of education journalists, who I rate. Mike Baker is one of these – a TV and radio broadcaster and journalist, who has previously the BBC Education Correspondent.

I was shocked to read that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer today. I guess that it resonates with me, as it was this form of cancer that took my father’s life.

The most natural thing for Mike to start doing is to write a blog about it. I would recommend that you read it.

For me, I was interested to read his plans:

  • to do less work, but not to stop altogether
  • to worry less
  • to have positive thoughts and do more relaxation
  • to sing, smile and laugh
  • to move more slowly, to rush less, and to be more reflective
  • to stop being obsessed with getting things done and ticking items off his ‘to do’ list
  • to eat more slowly
  • to absorb the lovely natural things, which always give him a lift

Sounds like a good outlook for life.

What else would I do, if it were me? I loved the film the Bucket List starring that old dog Jack Nicholson, and as an avid list-maker I could foresee a new list of people and places to see, and new experiences. The problem is, of course, that you might not be strong enough to do it.

Finally, I hope that the Doctors can work their magic, and wish the very best for Mike and his family.


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