Things that make me laugh

I was asked the other day to say a bit about what I find funny and the things that make me laugh. 

Here are five things that make me laugh, and maybe why I find them funny. 

1. My kids being artful. I know that artful isn’t really a word we use these days, but my nan used it to describe us when we were kids if we had a (transparent) alterior motive. So for example, the kids wanting to take the dog on a long walk or buy a newspaper when they really just want to go to the shops to buy sweets. Walking the dog seems like fair reward for a mars bar or two, so fair exchange in my book. But it’s fun seeing them construct stories. 

2. Irishness. My father came from County Cork and only those with Irish parents actually fully understand Irish humour. Television programmes like Mrs Browns Boys and Father Ted crack me up, or should that be ‘craic’.

3. Pompous people and politicians. Need I say more?

4. Silly things that happen to me. You have to be able to take a joke. 

5. Watching old family videos. Peering into a time gone by with my own family makes me realise how much laughter there is within families. Hard not to laugh at the kids when they were learning to speak or at primary school. Funnier still is the faces that they pull now when they watch the videos. 

As I write this, sitting in the garden, the dog is trying to eat a mushroom. That makes me laugh too. 

Next time someone asks me I will have an answer. 

What makes you laugh?