Advice I would have given 20 year old me

Here’s my list.

  • work smarter, this doesn’t necessarily mean working harder or longer hours. Work out when people are taking advantage of your good nature
  • don’t choose to work away from home so much, think of all the wasted time
  • don’t treat work like a competition in which you need to come first, build lots of friendships and alliances
  • take your MBA in your twenties, not thirties
  • work out how to spend your time, what’s important and whats not –┬ádon’t sweat the small stuff
  • dont lose your temper, you’ll feel and look stupid
  • don’t buy stupid mid life crisis cars
  • start your own business earlier
  • realise that it’s not all about the paycheck, it’s about living a fruitful and happy life
  • spend as much time as you can with the kids