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It’s a constant battle – adults v kids. From the moment they are born, we are playing catch-up. The moment we figure out what to do, the little blighters change the rules and we are back to square 1.

Those with long memories will recall ‘Supernanny’ on Channel 4, which shone a torch at the battlefield that was bringing up toddlers and young children. It also gave the childless out there a really good insight into the ‘challenges’ of parenthood. Maybe you like me introduced House Rules along with Reward Charts and the Naughty Step, and maybe it even worked. But not for long!


The onset of the adolescent years brings with it a whole new set of challenges. For me, it’s a couple of spotty grunting teenage boys. Barely an hour goes by without them being generally objectionable or arguing with each other, me or my wife. Even the…

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