Carnegie Mellon University recommends my blog post

Press article
It’s great when your work gets noticed. A while back I wrote a blog post entitled ‘Tips for tutors: 12 teaching strategies for effective learning‘ which has turned out to be quite popular on the internet, and highly ranked on Google.

Tips for tutors

It was with some surprise and delight that I recently found that the article has been added to a list of recommended resources by Carnegie Mellon University – Leonard Gelfrand Centre.

Carnegie Mellon



Good that my blog posts are being read, and even better if they can be of practical help to students.

Tutorhub featured in The Mirror

Ask Dr BlackI was pleased to see that an article in The Mirror entitled ‘Ask Dr Black: How can I make money from home using the internet‘ covered our online tutoring website Tutorhub.

It included seven ideas on how to make cash online, ranging from freelancing to affiliate marketing. In at number 5 came Teaching, via Tutorhub.

TutorhubHave something to teach? Fancy a go at earning cash online then why not give Tutorhub a try?